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Frequently Asked Questions

How does RIPE’s Private Chef In-home Cooking work?
  • Click on ‘Let’s Get Started’ tab and fill out form OR Click here to directly schedule your consult
  • After consult book your service with credit card
  • Receive food questionnaire, fill out and schedule your food preferences phone consult
  • After food preferences consult your personalized menu will be emailed for approval
  • Once approved you will receive your confirmed day and time for cook day
  • Chef will arrive at scheduled time, cook food on-site, package, label and clean up
  • Enjoy your food for the next 4-5 days
  • REPEAT – get the most out of your investment
How is RIPE’s different from other personal chef services?

Feedback is extremely important to us – our clients benefit the most when an active conversation is taking place between you and the chef. If you love it let us know, if we can improve let us know. Constructive feedback  is the only way this personal chef service will fully satisfy the need of why you contacted us.

Where can I find nutrition facts for the meals?

The weekly menu will have basic ingredient list. We offer the option of working with licensed professional holistic nutritionist to calculate your daily food needs to meet your goals. Contact us for more information on these options.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We can use conventional ingredients or organic ingredients – you choose. We bill food separately so your food bill will vary based on type of ingredients and menu chosen.

Can I make personal requests on meal items that I order (e.g. taste preferences, allergies, special requests)?

Yes that is the best part of having a personal chef cook your food. Feedback and preferences are very important tell us what you need and we will do our best to accommodate.

What is your cancellation policy?

We spend a lot of time and energy into creating this valuable service for you. Once your cook day is booked we are not able to offer a refund unless we are given 5 days notice.

What comes in each entrée / portion?

We define entree / portion to be 6-8oz protein, 1 cup starch and 1-2 cups vegetables. We also have family style options for larger orders. Let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to make it happen.

How long does the food stay fresh?

4-5 days in refrigerator. If you know you will not eat them in that time frame they can be frozen to last longer.

Are the containers microwave-safe?

Yes, they are microwave safe. We recommend reheating items for longer than 7 minutes in a glass container. They are also dishwasher safe.

Do you service my area?

We provide service to Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix. If you are located outside these areas please contact us.

What are your terms & conditions?

You can read our Client Services Letter here.