The Benefits of Keeping a Food Blog


In today’s world we log nearly everything. Work hours, spending habits, exercise plans….everything! Keeping a log of something helps you learn your strengths and weaknesses. For those of us who struggle with weight, nutrition, or just want to know what is going in our bodies – a food diary can help keep one on track.

Writing down what you’re eating makes you consider everything twice, as opposed to eating and forgetting what you’ve put in your body. For example, would you really want that Big Mac and large fry if you knew you’d have to hold yourself accountable for it? Didn’t think so! Studies have shown that individuals who keep food diaries lost twice as much weight as their counterparts. Food diaries are also a great way to spot nutritional imbalances and food intolerances. Notice that your food diary has contained no dairy for the past few months? Maybe it’s time to see if you’re lactose intolerant!

Ripe weekly meal service includes custom-made your meal plans for you – there’s no need to write anything down when you work with us! We take all the hassle and stress out of your life. Every meal you eat is carefully selected according to your dietary guidelines and food preferences. The best part? Ripe emails your menus to you every week. We write your food diary for you!

Keeping track of your food intake is of paramount importance. Using our service allows you to have a log of exactly what’s going in your body at all times – without the stress of writing anything down. Stay fresh and stay Ripe!