You’re Finally Eating Healthy, Now What About Your Parents?


We receive numerous calls from people who are increasingly concerned about their parents or family member’s bad diet. So how do you convince them to eat healthier? Hiring a personal chef might actually change their mind!

Younger generations tend to be more concerned with health, fitness, and living a healthier lifestyle. What about our parents who have restrictive health conditions, or simply don’t care to eat well? If your dad’s anything like mine his diet and cooking skills are probably limited to red meat, potatoes and overly processed foods like frozen egg rolls (yuck!). We all know that health and overall wellness is directly linked to what we feed our bodies.

It can be difficult to find a solution when you have your own family to worry about or even live in another state. Hiring a personal chef service can be a great way to convince them to try healthier meals without the added stress. Having someone create a customized menu based on their specific preferences and dietary restrictions and then do the grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up pretty much takes out all the hassle of healthy eating.

Weather your parent or family member is in a senior living facility that only serves sub-par food, has a strict diet due to health conditions such as diabetes, or simply wants to eat healthier and not have to cook for hours on their feet, it’s time to call RIPE Personal Chef!