How To Create The Perfect Dinner Party Atmosphere


Food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of every dinner party. A beautifully curated menu and quality ingredients are sure to make your guests happy. Along with the food, what’s the other most important aspect of a dinner party? You guessed it – the setting.

Imagine eating a 5 star dinner in a cardboard box. The meal just wouldn’t taste the same. When consuming a meal, all 5 senses need to be pleased at once. This is why restaurants play good music and are carefully decorated. Surprisingly, it’s not very hard to bring this atmosphere into your own home.

One of my favorite stories at Ripe includes a mother trying to throw a brunch party for 20 guests. Her table setting was a beautiful and classic clean white. Unfortunately, as our chefs were cooking away and the mother was on the phone….the kids decided that the white table cloth would serve as their new magic marker canvas. When the mother saw, she was dismayed. Her brunch was ruined! Luckily, our chef thought of a great idea – why not remove all of the plates, glasses and cutlery and let the kids color the entire table cloth? What could’ve been a disaster turned into an original, art-deco esque tablecloth that the guests loved.

With Ripe Personal Chef taking care of the cooking – our clients used their free time to put together creative and elegant tablescapes for their guests. Check out this beautiful setting done at Desert Mountain Country Club or this quirky and fun “Scottsdale” themed bachelorette party. Loving the place cards written on cactus leaves! Anything around you can be utilized for your setting – use your imagination!

Dinner PartyMike Mele