‘Healthy’ Hot Food Bars – Not So Healthy?


Pre-Made: A Healthy Alternative

We’ve all been in the same situation:

You’re driving home after an exhausting day at work. Tired and starving, your mind wanders to what’s in your fridge. You COULD cook that chicken breast that’s been in the deep freeze for the past month…but it would take at least an hour between prep, cooking and clean up. The quickest bet is some good old Whole Foods takeout. Sure, you leave full..but you’ve just wasted 20 minutes in driving and purchasing. Furthermore, do you even have any idea what was really in your food?

I’ve got a surprise for you – “healthy” pre-made food isn’t as healthy as you think. Here is a great article showing the pitfalls of Whole Foods hot bar “fast food”. Between the abundant GMOs and hidden forms of MSG…you’re not eating as healthy as you think you are.

My suggested alternative? Weekly pre-made meals! Imagine coming home after that long drive from work. All you’d have to do is pop a container in the microwave and voila! A hot and healthy meal in less than five minutes. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have enough time to even prep these meals.”. Well you’re in luck! Ripe Personal Chef will do it for you.

Our chefs will take care of your food shopping, meal preparation & packing, and clean up. You don’t have to worry about a single thing. Together, we can create a fresh and delicious menu that accommodates your dietary needs and preferences. So throw out that old chicken, stop wasting valuable time being overcharged at Whole Foods’ hot bar, and let us do the work for you!

Mike Mele