National Farmers Market Week!

August 7-13 officially marks the U.S. National Farmers Market Week! Farmers markets are an essential part of every single town/suburb/city. As opposed to buying a piece of fruit from a big name chain store – you’re buying it directly from the grower. This local support creates a cycle of supply and demand that powers these small-name suppliers.

Scottsdale has numerous, bountiful farmers markets ranging from:

Troon North Farmers Market

Uptown Farmers Market

Roadrunner Park Farmers Market

Old Town Farmers Market

If you’re in the area, I highly advise you to check these out! It’s a showcase of Arizona’s finest produce farmers, mom ‘n pop restaurants, local coffee makers, food trucks, breweries, and more. Plus – you can bring your pup!

Ripe Chefs love to stop at the farmers market and find seasonal produce to use in their dishes. One of our chefs’ favorite things to do are base clients’ dishes of what’s in season at the farmers market. You’ll be surprised – they’ve got fruits and vegetables most people have never even heard of. So stop on by the next time you’re in Scottsdale!