Spring Training with Ripe


Here in Arizona, Spring Training has been a native tradition for over 70 years. Because of the beautifully temperate weather in the Valley, the baseball teams come to train here and rev up for the coming baseball season. For many people, this is an annual trek that is marked by the excitement of the game, the roar of the crowd, and the same old concession food. But what if you have any dietary or allergy restrictions? Its pretty easy to get tired of the same unhealthy concoction of hot dogs, nachos, and cotton candy, but if you’re on a specific diet or are allergic to certain foods, then this small ballpark variety will not work for you.

Luckily, RIPE Personal Chef Services can help out with that! Our personal chefs can work with you to create a menu that is perfectly tailored to both you and your guest’s needs or desires. That way you can come back to your home or hotel and not have to worry about your meal that night. Staying out in the sun all day during the Cactus League can also wear you down, and you may not want to go out to a restaurant that night. With RIPE, you’ll have a delectable fine-dining experience in the comfort of your kitchen from one of our top-notch chefs.

But what about eating at the ballpark? You definitely won’t be able to follow a diet or weed out allergy restrictions with concession food, so RIPE has the perfect solution. Our chefs can cook your meals and snacks for you to take to the ballpark! Enjoy eating what you love at the Spring Training game in a diet-conscious manner with the help of our chefs. They can also cook your meals for the week, so your next meal will never be an issue or point of concern. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy healthy, delicious food at the ball game while cheering on your favorite team during 2018’s Spring Training in Arizona.